Dream Lake is a high mountain lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, and is a favorite spot for photographers in the Colorado area.

About This Blog

This blog is the creative outlet of Dan Martinez.  By day I am an Information Technology Professional and at all other times I am “Dad”, “Honey”, etc.  I have had an on-again and off-again love affair with photography dating back to my middle school days.  Back then, it was a way to get to play with a camera (and stay out of the pictures!).  Over time, my interest grew and became more than just a medium of preserving family memories.  It became a release, a way for me to express myself and discover my artistic self.

What a perfect way to let the stress of life melt away — take a long like through the mountains (or wherever I may be) and feebly attempt to capture and preserve the wonders of nature.  I find myself thinking more and more about a shot (before the camera comes up to the eye!) and spending a lot of time in post-processing. I find the exercise of editing and working with my images to be a great teacher for the next trip out with the camera.

I am inspired and motivated by others’ work, and am constantly looking to grow and develop my skills as a photographer and artist.

The topics and images on this site will largely be landscapes, wildlife or other nature oriented subjects.   However, there will the occasional portrait, street image or other subjects that draw my interest.

I hope you enjoy my work, and appreciate all comments, shares and likes.  Thanks for visiting!

Why Dream Lake Photography?

There are plenty of reasons, but ultimately it came down to a continuation of the name my wife uses for her business, Dream Lake Designs.



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